On Cloudmonster 2 shoes

On Cloudmonster 2 Review (2024)

Step into the future of comfort and performance with the all-new On Cloudmonster 2 running shoes. Building on the success of its predecessor, the Cloudmonster, this latest iteration represents a bold leap forward for On. Known for its signature “cloud” cushioning, the On Cloudmonster 2 takes the experience to new heights with a dual-density midsole, a meticulously filled outsole gap, and an elevated volume upper. This isn’t just an evolution; it’s a revolution in running footwear. Embrace the innovation, feel the difference, and redefine your running experience with On Cloudmonster 2.

On Cloudmonster 2


Brand: On
Model: Cloudmonster 2
Weight: 10.2 oz (289g) for US 9
Heel: 35 mm
Toe: 29 mm
Heel drop: 6mm
Sizing: True to size

Cushioning & Ride

Amount of cushioning: Medium cushioning
Stability: Very much stable, much more so than the original Cloudmonster
Usage: Everyday training and tempo runs

Price & Availability

Price: $179
Release date: February 22, 2024


The Upper of the newly launched ON Cloudmonster 2 running shoes introduces exciting upgrades, focusing on enhanced comfort and functionality. The standout features include a redesigned heel collar and an improved lacing system. The new heel collar boasts increased padding, providing a plush feel that surpasses its predecessor. Not only does it deliver superior comfort, but it also ensures a more secure heel lockdown. Moving on to the lacing system, it may not be flashy, but it gets the job done seamlessly. In contrast to the original Cloudmonster’s short and angled lacing pattern, the Cloudmonster 2 adopts a longer, straight design with additional eyelets, positioned at the center of the upper. Functionally, it performs admirably, delivering a delightful lacing experience. 

The On Cloudmonster 2 embodies the essence of subtle yet effective updates, allowing users to seamlessly transition from the original model while enjoying improved features that don’t overpower the familiar charm of the original.

On Cloudmonster 2


In the world of running shoes, the ON Cloudmonster 2 brings a refreshing upgrade to the midsole, promising an enhanced cushioning experience through its innovative dual-density foam construction. Wearing the new Cloudmonster 2, it’s easy to mistake it for its predecessor – that is until you start running. The changes are subtle, tailored to satisfy the most dedicated Cloudmonster enthusiasts. While the midsole maintains a familiar firmness level akin to the original, the forefoot surprises with reduced ground feel and a more substantial cushioning sensation. The denser and compact slab of foam beneath the metatarsals significantly improves forefoot shock absorption. The heel, reminiscent of the original, ensures a consistent feel. 

Despite not returning much energy, the midsole’s superb impact absorption at various paces stands out, thanks to the Nylon blend Speedboard and its redesigned shape. Similar to the Cloudflow, the new Speedboard maximizes the forward motion between the midfoot and forefoot, making the ON Cloudmonster 2 excel in diverse running scenarios. It may not be immediately apparent, but this design choice explains why the shoe effortlessly performs across the board.

On Cloudmonster 2 midsole


Now, let’s talk about the bottom of the ON Cloudmonster 2 running shoes – the outsole. The outsole boasts a new design with a shallower central groove pattern, ensuring that pesky gravel and tiny debris don’t play hide-and-seek in your shoes. Unlike its predecessor, the Cloudmonster 2 won’t be collecting rocks along the way. This tweak makes a world of difference, making your running experience smoother and hassle-free. It’s a noteworthy upgrade that addresses a real-world issue.

On Cloudmonster 2 outsole

Pros & Cons

High quality On craftsmanship
Breathable upper
No slippage in wet condition
Stable and supportive

Heavier than original Cloudmonster
$180 seems expensive for this shoe

Our Verdict

In conclusion, the On Cloudmonster 2, though delivering a firmer ride catering to those averse to overly squishy running shoes, falls short of surpassing its predecessor’s versatility and agility. While it may not be my top choice, there are other highly-cushioned alternatives in the market that excel in both comfort and adaptability, such as the Puma Magnify Nitro 2, HOKA Mach 5, Brooks Ghost Max, and Saucony Triumph 21. The Cloudmonster 2, with its distinctive features, targets a specific preference in footwear, but the diverse landscape of cushioned shoes offers compelling options that suit a variety of needs and preferences.