On Cloudmonster Hyper Review

On Cloudmonster Hyper Review

Guess what? On just added another masterpiece in the Cloudmonster family, and it’s barely been two months since the Cloudmonster 2 hit the shelves. On’s on fire with their latest addition, delivering a sleek and top-notch product that screams efficiency and premium quality in both looks and performance. Say hello to the On Cloudmonster Hyper – these are not just your average running shoes. They’re high-performance running shoes, ticking all the boxes for versatility and comfort. With enhanced durable cushioning and a comfort level that’s off the charts, these shoes promise to elevate every single one of your runs. So, buckle up as I dive into my take on this ultimate super trainer, while also breaking down the differences between the Cloudmonster Hyper and its predecessor, the Cloudmonster 2.

On cloudmonster hyper review

Key Specifications of Cloudmonster Hyper:

Brand: On
Model: Cloudmonster Hyper
Weight: 9.3 oz (265 grams)
Heel: 37.5mm
Toe: 31.5 mm
Heel drop: 6 mm

Cushioning & Ride

Amount of cushioning: Highly cushioned
Stability: Neutral
Usage: Long & Daily training

Release Date & Price of Cloudmonster Hyper:

Release Date: 4th April 2024
Price: $220


The upper of the On Cloudmonster Hyper blends the finest features from On’s shoe collection seamlessly. It’s thinner than its namesake, ensuring breathability without compromise. With ample padding, comfort is a given. The ankle cut is now more traditional, rounded, and softer, departing from the square cut of the Cloudmonster. The tongue is thin yet well-padded in key areas, enhancing midfoot lockdown and ensuring a cozy fit. And let’s talk laces—they’re decent and slightly rubberized, offering a secure tie-up that keeps your foot firmly in place.

On Cloudmonster Hyper Review


The midsole of the On Cloudmonster Hyper running shoe sees a noticeable shift in design. On CloudTec technology remains a key feature, with its distinct CloudTec pods adorning the midsole. However, there’s a significant alteration in materials: Helion foam extends from the heel to the forefoot, while PEBA foam is injected into the front half of the shoe. This difference is clearly visible through the contrasting colors—white for PEBA foam in the front and green/orange highlighting the Helion foam in the back, comprising the majority of the midsole. Helion, known for its resilience and effectiveness, has been a staple in On shoe midsoles for several years. What sets this running shoe apart is the introduction of PEBA foam in the forefoot, promising an exciting change in performance.

On Cloudmonster Hyper Review


The outsole of the On Cloudmonster Hyper shares a lot in common with its predecessor, the Cloudmonster. However, you’ll notice a bit more rubber on the Hyper version. Here’s the cool part: every cloud is connected by a strip, giving you extra coverage and shielding the midsole foam from the rough roads. They’ve strategically placed the rubber where it matters most, especially at the back of the heel for those who tend to strike there. So, whether you’re pounding the pavement or hitting the trails, the Hyper’s got your back – or rather, your feet!

On Cloudmonster Hyper Review

On Cloudmonster Hyper VS Cloudmonster 2

Alright, let’s break down the differences between On Cloudmonster Hyper and Cloudmonster 2. So, picture this: with the Hyper, you’ve got this bouncy PEBAX foam on top and Helion foam at the bottom, giving you some serious bounce. But here’s the twist – no plastic speed board in the middle. Now, switch gears to the Cloudmonster 2. It’s got that plastic speed board, with a softer Helion foam on top and a firmer version below. Oh, and here’s a fun fact: the Hyper is lighter by almost a full ounce and has a slightly taller stack height by about 3 millimeters, all with the same drop.

on cloudmonster hyper vs cloudmonster 2

Our Verdict

Overall, the Cloudmonster Hyper stands out as a top-notch running shoe, surpassing its predecessors with its impressive performance. Whether you’re tackling tough endurance runs or just going for a casual jog, this shoe delivers. It’s clear that I’ll be logging many miles in it in the months ahead.