one mix light armor shoe review

OneMix Light Armor shoe review

As an avid runner always seeking the ideal blend of comfort, durability, and performance to elevate my training and races, I constantly explore new footwear options. Recently, I got my hands on the OneMix Light Armor. But the question looms: can this shoe hold its own in the fiercely competitive world of top-notch marathon running shoes? Let’s dive in and discover the answer.

About OneMix Brand

OneMix is a Chinese footwear manufacturer brand founded in 2014. ONEMIX has many years of experience in delivering high-end sports shoes. The Light Armor, belonging to their Men’s Road Racing Running Shoes range, showcases the standard features expected in top-tier marathon racing shoes, including a carbon fiber plate, exclusive foams, and air pockets.

Detailed Review - Video

one mix light armor shoe review

Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 246 ± 5 grams (EU42)
  • Heel-to-toe drop: 8mm
  • Sizing: True to size


US$ 130


ONEMIX Light Armour Road Running Shoes is a good option for both competitive runners and those dedicated to training.

  • These shoes come with a well-engineered mesh upper that ensures breathability and a comfortable fit, supporting your foot during the rigors of miles on the track.
  • The lightweight midsole foam delivers excellent responsiveness and cushioning, optimizing energy transfer for an efficient stride.
  • One standout feature is the non-slip outsole, equipped with high-abrasion elastic rubber, ensuring remarkable durability and consistent traction, enhancing your speed and stability as you run.
  • The built-in carbon fiber insole plate elevates the shoe’s rigidity, providing a constant push and enhancing overall performance.


  • Despite having a super breathable mesh, there was something off about how the upper fits. I feel there was too much room in the tox box.
  • I really like the concept of a heel tension belt that connects the top lace loop but I couldn’t get the heel tension belt to work as intended. I hope One Mix can refine it in future.