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Mizuno Wave Rider 28 Review

Mizuno Wave Rider 28 Review (2024)

The Mizuno Wave Rider is one of the most iconic running shoes of Mizuno, beloved by runners for its versatility and high performance. Now, the long-awaited Mizuno Wave Rider 28 is here, promising to elevate the running experience with significant updates. This latest version boasts a softer, bouncier midsole, adding a new layer of excitement …

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Mount to coast s1

Mount to coast S1 review | Shoes for ultrarunners

In 2024, a new name emerges from the vibrant streets of Hong Kong, ready to make waves in the ultramarathon world. Meet Mount to Coast (MTC), a dynamic newcomer with big dreams. Their debut in April introduces two exciting races: the Mount to Coast R1 and the Mount to Coast S1. Though similar in spirit, each race …

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Mizuno Neo Vista review 2024

Mizuno Neo Vista Review (2024)

Mizuno has been on a roll in 2024, kicking off the year with the impressive Wave Rebellion Pro 2 and Flash 2. Now, they’re stepping into the “super road trainer” category with the Mizuno Neo Vista. But what exactly are super road trainers? Simply put, these are shoes with a heel height exceeding the World Athletics standard of 40 mm for …

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Mizuno Neo Vista review

Mizuno Neo Vista – First Impression review

Mizuno continues to impress with each new release, and the Neo Vista is no exception. The Japanese brand’s lineup of super trainers keeps expanding, and this latest addition is making waves. From its standout features to its innovative design, the Neo Vista doesn’t hold back. At first glance, the Neo Vista makes a statement. With …

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On Cloudmonster Hyper Review

On Cloudmonster Hyper Review

Guess what? On just added another masterpiece in the Cloudmonster family, and it’s barely been two months since the Cloudmonster 2 hit the shelves. On’s on fire with their latest addition, delivering a sleek and top-notch product that screams efficiency and premium quality in both looks and performance. Say hello to the On Cloudmonster Hyper – these …

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