TYR Valkyrie Speedworks

TYR Valkyrie Speedworks Review

You might be surprised to know that TYR, well-known for their swimsuits, wetsuits, tri-suits, and swimming goggles, has now expanded into the world of running shoes. They’re not just making casual footwear, but high-quality, serious running shoes for dedicated runners. Meet TYR Valkyrie Speedworks, the ultimate running shoe designed to propel you forward with every stride.

Before we get started, a quick disclosure:

TYR sent me a pair of TYR Valkyrie Speedworks & Valkyrie Elite Carbon shoes for testing purposes. I didn’t pay for them, and they’re not paying me to share my thoughts. Everything you’ll read here is my honest opinion, and no one gets a sneak peek before you do. So, let’s dive into the specs of the TYR Valkyrie Elite Carbon and see what makes them stand out.

This shoe is equipped with an anatomical toe box and the LaunchPX midsole, which features a full-length nylon plate positioned between two full-length pieces of 100% Pebax® supercritical foam. This design ensures ultimate comfort, response, and durable support for any movement. The Alphaweave upper offers unmatched breathability, making it perfect for extended runs. So let’s dive deep to know more about TYR Valkyrie Speedworks in detail.

Key Specifications

Brand: TYR
Model: Valkyrie speedworks
Weight: 8.1 oz (230 g) for US 9 model
Heel: 39.5 mm
Toe: 33.5 mm
Heel drop: 6 mm
Carbon plate: No, it has a nylon plate

TYR Valkyrie Speedworks

Cushioning & Ride

Amount of cushioning: Highly cushioned
Purpose: Daily training & Speedwork

Price of TYR Valkyrie Speedworks

Price: $170

Key Features

Anatomical toe box: Gives your toes a natural, comfy fit
Ultra lightweight Alphaweave breathable mesh: Keeps your feet cool and comfy all day
Molded sockliner: Adds cushioning and support for stable, comfy steps.
Locking laces: Keep your shoes snug for any activity.
Lockdown reinforcement paneling: Adds security and stability for a supportive fit.
Gusseted tongue: Prevents tongue shifting, stops irritation for smooth wear.


The upper of the TYR Valkyrie Speedworks features TYR Alphaweave, designed more for daily training rather than racing. This material is highly breathable and forgiving, making it well-suited for the wear and tear of everyday use. The gusseted tongue has a light padding, similar to the elite carbon model, and the heel cup is lightly padded with moderate stiffness. The fit is true to size, and TYR includes an anatomical toe box to prevent toe squishing, ensuring a comfortable experience.

TYR Valkyrie Speedworks review


The midsole of the TYR Valkyrie Speedworks features two main components: the beaded PEBA called LaunchPX, which comes in two layers, and a nylon plate sandwiched between them. What’s interesting about this nylon plate is that it lacks any wings or additional structural support elements, which are usually added to enhance rigidity and stability. This gives the midsole a unique feel compared to other shoes with more reinforced plates.

TYR Valkyrie Speedworks review


Moving to the outsole of the TYR Valkyrie Speedworks, it features rubber coverage similar to the Elite Carbon, but in a different color. The forefoot has a large rubber section with many holes and channels, allowing you to see the midsole. The heel has two strips of rubber on each side, exposing some foam and providing a window into the rigid wingless nylon plate inside the shoe.

TYR Valkyrie Speedworks review

Who Can Benefit from TYR Valkyrie speedworks?

If you’re a larger runner, the TYR Valkyrie Speedworks could be just what you need. It’s perfect for those who also do CrossFit, lift weights, or participate in triathlons. Even if your routine includes cross training like basketball or pickleball, these shoes offer the stability you need without restricting your natural motion. The attention to detail in the design ensures you get the support you need for your active lifestyle.

Is the TYR Valkyrie Speedworks wide food friendly?

I wouldn’t say the TYR Valkyrie Speedworks are wide foot friendly. The forefoot narrows a bit too much near the pinky toe area, which might be uncomfortable for those with wide feet. However, TYR has a good return policy, so you can order them, try them on, and return them if they don’t fit well.


Overall, TYR has done a great job with the Valkyrie Speedworks. This shoe is a solid contender in the super trainer category and well worth trying. TYR is nailing it with their expansion into the running world. Whether you’re chasing a personal best or tackling your first marathon, the TYR Valkyrie Speedworks will take you the distance in style and performance.

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