Scott Speed carbon rc 2

Scott Speed Carbon RC 2 Review

The new Scott Speed Carbon RC 2 is here, and Scott has kept their competitive edge in mind. At first glance, the changes in this shoe are almost invisible, maintaining the same materials and design as the original. However, after some digging, we discovered the shoe now features new densities of Kinetic Light Foam, providing a noticeably softer and friendlier touch compared to the somewhat rigid feel of its predecessor.

Key Specifications

Brand: Scott Sports
Model: Speed Carbon RC 2
Weight: 8.5 oz (240 g) for US 9 model
Heel: 30 mm
Toe: 25 mm
Heel drop: 5 mm
Carbon plate: Yes

Cushioning & Ride

Amount of cushioning: Highly cushioned
Purpose: Speedwork and competitions

Price of Scott Speed Carbon RC 2

MSRP: $310 CAD

Key features of Scott Speed Carbon RC 2

ER2 – Evolved Rocker technology
Carbitex GearFlex plate
Kinetic Light Foam


The upper of the Scott Speed Carbon RC 2 is made from a lightweight and highly breathable Cordura mesh, providing a comfortable and competitive fit. The plastic heat-seals add to the durability without sacrificing flexibility. There’s also plenty of space in the toe box, making it a great fit for various foot shapes.

Scott Speed Carbon RC 2


The midsole of the Scott Speed Carbon RC 2 is designed to make your runs faster and more comfortable. The updated Kinetic Light Foam offers exceptional cushioning, allowing you to run longer distances with ease. It’s lighter and has more rebound than before, providing both comfort and speed. The Carbitex GearFlex plate adds a unique touch by increasing stiffness as you speed up and maintaining flexibility when you slow down.

With the Evolved Rocker 2 (ER2) technology, based on a decade of research, the shoe promotes a dynamic running position. This reduces heel impacts and enhances running efficiency, so you can run faster and longer with less energy. In essence, the revamped midsole of the Scott Speed Carbon RC 2 makes your running experience smoother and more efficient.

Scott Speed Carbon RC 2


The outsole of the Scott Speed Carbon RC 2 is somewhat similar to its previous version. It features a thin rubber layer where it’s needed most and foam that maintains full contact with the ground, offering a smooth and stable ride.

Scott Speed Carbon RC 2

Who can benefit from Scott Speed Carbon RC 2?

If you’re looking to boost your speed, the Scott Speed Carbon RC 2 is the perfect shoe for you. Whether you’re racing or doing quick training sessions, this shoe has everything you need. With an updated midsole material and a carbon-plate for extra efficiency, you’ll move faster and more comfortably than ever before. It’s great for lively pace long training sessions and competitions.

Our Verdict

The Scott Speed Carbon RC 2 is a great option for both long training sessions at fast paces and competitions. It’s the standout shoe for the most experienced and speedy runners in the Scott lineup. The shoe’s pronounced geometries and firm Kinetic Light Foam may require some getting used to, but once you do, it feels almost limitless in terms of distance. Whether you’re running a 10k or a full marathon, the Speed Carbon RC 2 can be a good option.

For Men

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For Women

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