Mizuno Neo Vista review 2024

Mizuno Neo Vista Review (2024)

Mizuno has been on a roll in 2024, kicking off the year with the impressive Wave Rebellion Pro 2 and Flash 2. Now, they’re stepping into the “super road trainer” category with the Mizuno Neo Vista. But what exactly are super road trainers? Simply put, these are shoes with a heel height exceeding the World Athletics standard of 40 mm for elite racing, and the Neo Vista stands tall at 44.5 mm. This shoe features a combination of Mizuno’s cutting-edge Enerzy NXT foam, a flexible glass fiber reinforced nylon plate, and their lightweight Enerzy EVA blend foam, promising a unique and advanced running experience.

Specifications of Mizuno Neo Vista

Brand: Mizuno
Model: Neo Vista
Weight: 9.2 oz (261 g) for US 9 model
Heel: 44.5 mm
Toe: 36.5 mm
Heel drop: 8 mm
Carbon plate: Glass fiber plate

Mizuno Neo Vista review

Cushioning & Ride

Amount of cushioning: Highly cushioned
Purpose: Super Trainer

Release Date & Price of Mizuno Neo Vista

Release Date: June 1, 2024
Price: $180 USD

Key Features

– Mizuno Enerzy NXT
– Mizuno Wave plate made from glass fiber reinforced nylon
– Smooth Speed Assist


The Mizuno Neo Vista features an exceptional one-piece knit upper that sets it apart from many other performance running shoes. Unlike typical stretch knit uppers, which can be thick, hot, and difficult to secure, this upper manages to provide a secure hold without any plastic cages or heel counters. The high collars at the rear work seamlessly with the thin, non-stretch gray underlays on the sides to grip the heel and reduce friction, ensuring a snug fit without extra padding.

The toe box is moderately wide and offers enough stretch to accommodate different foot shapes, including moderately wide feet. For my narrow to medium feet, the fit was perfect, with just the right amount of stretch and a bit of extra room in the vertical and bunion areas. Even at faster paces, the upper maintained its structure and never felt sloppy. Overall, the fit is true to size in length, width, and overhead toe volume, making the Mizuno Neo Vista a standout for secure, comfortable runs.

Mizuno Neo Vista review


The midsole of the Mizuno Neo Vista is fantastic. It features a super soft Enerzy NXT foam at the bottom, topped with a slightly firmer Enerzy EVA blend and a full-length fiberglass-reinforced nylon Wave plate. With a stack height of 44.5mm at the heel and 36.5mm at the forefoot, it’s clear this shoe offers maximum cushioning. The platform width varies from 90mm at the heel to 115mm at the forefoot, ensuring a stable ride. The midsole feels consistently cushioned without being too soft, making it easy to run at any pace while providing great stability and propulsion.

Mizuno Neo Vista review


The outsole of the Mizuno Neo Vista is a clever design with its “full” coverage, despite the large cavity in the middle. This approach, removing unnecessary midsole foam and rubber, keeps the shoe lightweight and efficient. The plate positioned higher up adds stability, while the outer walls provide extra cushioning without making the shoe feel too soft or unstable. The rubber on the outsole is relatively thin and consistent in thickness from back to front. It feels softer, which might affect durability. After just 12 miles, I’m already noticing some scuffing on the front medial side. Mizuno is known for prioritizing durability, so I’m hopeful the rubber will last and will keep an eye on it as I log more miles.

Mizuno Neo Vista review

Our Verdict

Overall, the Mizuno Neo Vista is a versatile super trainer perfect for everything from easy recovery runs to intense workouts. It pairs well with the Rebellion Pro 2 and Flash 2, offering a great mix of Mizuno’s top technologies. The Smooth Speed Assist ensures a smooth transition during long runs, and the MIZUNO ENERZY NXT provides the cushioning and responsiveness you need. It’s a reliable and high-performing option for all your training needs.

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