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Mount to coast S1 review | Shoes for ultrarunners

In 2024, a new name emerges from the vibrant streets of Hong Kong, ready to make waves in the ultramarathon world. Meet Mount to Coast (MTC), a dynamic newcomer with big dreams. Their debut in April introduces two exciting races: the Mount to Coast R1 and the Mount to Coast S1. Though similar in spirit, each race has its own unique flair, promising an exhilarating experience for runners and spectators alike.

In this review, we explore the Mount to Coast S1, a shoe that gained legendary status thanks to Asian ultrarunner Lucong Geng. He used just one pair of the S1 training model to cover 620 miles in the URL JOGLE race in just 12 days. Mount to Coast says their development process for these shoes was thorough and involved more than 300 serious ultrarunners testing prototypes. These testers logged over 90,000 miles, leading to the creation of a reliable training model and a dedicated racer.

mount to coast s1

Key Specifications

Brand: Mount to Coast
Model: S1
Weight: 9 oz or 255g (US9)
Heel: 36mm
Toe: 26mm
Heel drop: 10 mm
Carbon plate: No plate

Cushioning & Ride

Amount of cushioning: Highly cushioned
Stability: Very stable
Usage: Daily Training, long distance with uptempo mix

Release Date & Price of MTC S1

Release Date: April 25th, 2024
Price: $160 USD

Key Features of MTC S1

ZeroSag midsole insert with little degradation during long runs
LightCELL midsole base featuring excellent lightness and bounce
GOFLOW midsole geometry to guide your stride
– Outstanding stability for your long-distance training
– Breathable and eco-friendly


The Mount to Coast S1 (MTC-S1) hits a perfect balance between being lightweight and substantial right from the start. The design isn’t overly flashy but has a clean, modern look that shows it’s built for efficiency. The upper part of the shoe uses breathable mesh that feels soft and flexible, providing a good mix of breathability, comfort, and durability compared to both racing flats and more heavily cushioned trainers.

When you slip on the MTC-S1, the initial comfort is impressive. The lacing system offers a secure fit with an angled wraparound feature through the arch. The well-padded heel collar, tongue, and gusseted tongue construction all work together to give a snug, locked-in feel, suggesting the shoe could be very comfortable for long distances. Overall, the MTC-S1’s initial fit and upper design are impressive, offering a blend of comfort, security, and quality construction.

mount to coast s1


The midsole of the Mount to Coast – S1 is packed with some pretty cool technologies. First up, we have TunedCell, a special foam from Mount To Coast. This foam is super responsive and built to last. Then there’s ZeroSag, a nifty insert made from polyurethane elastomer, which is originally designed for high-speed cars. This insert gives you solid cushioning and stands up well to the elements. Add to that the 3D Archrail system and heel clip wings on both sides, which strike a great balance between stopping overpronation and letting your foot move naturally.

When you slip on the S1, you’ll notice the midsole feels quite firm, but thanks to good vibration dampening, it doesn’t feel too harsh. The mild compression and rebound really come to life when you’re running at a slower pace, around 8:00 per mile. But, as you pick up speed, the shoe becomes noticeably more responsive. It feels a lot like other shoes with a 36mm heel stack. This firm feel has its perks, particularly in terms of stability and predictability. These are crucial for ultra running distances, where you need reliable support over long periods rather than just dynamic performance.

mount to coast s1


The outsole of the Mount to Coast S1 sticks to a traditional road running shoe design, featuring a strong rubber compound with varied densities. This setup focuses on durability for long-distance runs rather than flexibility. The “GOFLOW” rubber section plays a key role in providing a supportive and smooth ride. I’ve found that the rubber offers good traction on various road surfaces, gripping well on both dry and mildly wet pavement. The traction seems reliable so far, though I haven’t tested it long enough to comment on its durability.

I’ve noticed that the black GOFLOW section adds torsional stiffness, which helps smooth out midfoot pronation. This is particularly useful for me since I land midfoot with a supinated stance, and the GOFLOW section is right where my foot tends to pronate. However, for runners who land and pronate more through the heel or forefoot, the GOFLOW might affect their running mechanics differently.

mount to coast s1

Our Verdict

In conclusion, the Mount to Coast S1 is a great choice for ultramarathon enthusiasts and serious distance runners. Its stable, supportive, and comfortable design makes it a reliable companion for long road runs. With its innovative midsole and outsole technologies, it delivers impressive performance, and the solid build quality ensures it can withstand the rigors of extensive use.