Mizuno Wave Sky 8 review

Mizuno Wave Sky 8 Review

Are you looking for a running shoe that offers ultimate comfort and support? Let me introduce you to the Mizuno Wave Sky 8. Designed for runners of all levels, this shoe provides a smooth and comfortable running experience. With advanced technologies and innovative design, the Wave Sky 8 is perfect whether you’re training for a marathon or going for a casual jog.

The new Mizuno Sky 8 features a renewed midsole that’s lighter and more responsive, offering maximum cushioning. It’s equipped with MIZUNO ENERZY and XPOP foam for a soft, comfortable feel, excellent shock absorption, and enhanced energy return. The unique Wave Plate technology in the midsole ensures both shock absorption and stability, making each step smooth and comfortable.

If you’re looking for a reliable partner for your long runs, read on to see why the Mizuno Wave Sky 8 might be just what you need.

Key Specifications

Brand: Mizuno
Model: Wave Sky 8
Weight: 9.9 oz (280 g) for US 9 model
Heel: 41 mm
Toe: 33 mm
Heel drop: 8 mm
Carbon plate: Plastic plate

Cushioning & Ride

Amount of cushioning: Medium cushioned
Purpose: Daily Trainer

Price of Mizuno Wave Sky 8

$170 USD / $210 CAD

Mizuno Wave Sky 8 Review

Key features

  1. AeroHug Mesh Upper
  2. Mizuno Enerzy and Enerzy NXT cushioning material
  3. Renewed Wave Plate


The Mizuno Wave Sky 8’s AeroHug Mesh Upper offers great breathability and fits wonderfully around your feet. Mizuno doesn’t skimp on fabric quality, and the elegance of the upper part is a clear example. The heel cap is slightly higher than its predecessor, making it suitable for people with an insole. The thin, shaped tongue lies comfortably on the instep, ensuring you won’t experience any pressure points or irritations.

Mizuno Wave Sky 8 upper


The Wave Sky 8 comes with an entirely new look and an impressive midsole. For the first time, the Mizuno Enerzy NXT material is used in this model’s midsole, and it really stands out. Previously only seen in the Mizuno Neo Vista and Wave Rider 28, this new compound has received great feedback for its dynamism and excellent cushioning.

The midsole features two different materials. The top layer uses Mizuno Enerzy, known from previous models for its soft yet responsive cushioning. The bottom layer introduces Mizuno Enerzy NXT foam, which is even softer, making each landing feel more comfortable. Sandwiched between these two layers is a Wave Plate made of plastic, adding to the overall stability and support. The Mizuno Wave Sky 8 truly excels in providing a smooth and cushioned ride.

Mizuno Wave Sky 8 midsole


The Wave Sky 8 outsole feels familiar and reliable. It’s got the same pattern as the Wave Sky 7, but with some cool updates. The X10 rubber covers the entire sole, ensuring durability. In the front, you’ll notice horizontal grooves. These grooves add flexibility and make transitions while running smooth and comfortable. Overall, the Mizuno Wave Sky 8 outsole keeps you steady and comfy on your runs.

Mizuno Wave Sky 8 outsole

How is Mizuno Wave Sky 8 different from Wave Rider 28?

The Mizuno Wave Sky 8 stands out from the Wave Rider 28 mainly due to its thicker sole, providing extra comfort, especially for longer training sessions. If you need more support, the Wave Rider 28 is a better choice with its Wave plate, offering more stability on both short and long runs. The higher offset of the Wave Rider 28 (12 mm) also makes it ideal for heel landers or runners prone to calf or Achilles tendon pain. So, for a more cushioned, comfortable run, go with the Mizuno Wave Sky 8.

Who Can Benefit from the Mizuno Wave Sky 8?

The Sky 8 is perfect for intermediate and heavy runners who need extra cushioning for their weekly runs. It’s also great for lighter runners who want a lot of support. With its 41mm heel profile, it provides reliable stability and comfort, making it a great choice for anyone looking to pile on the miles each week.


After a week of testing, I found the Mizuno Wave Sky 8 to be versatile, durable, and high-performing. It works great on any surface and for any distance. If you’re looking for a reliable and attractive running shoe, the Mizuno Wave Sky 8 is definitely worth considering.

Example of Mizuno shoe rotation

When you alternate between different Mizuno running shoes, you can prevent injuries and make the most out of each run.

For all-around runs, use the Mizuno Wave Sky 8 or the Mizuno Wave Rider 28.
For tempo or interval runs, go for the Mizuno Wave Rebellion Flash 2.
And when it’s time for competition, lace up the Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro 2.

This way, you have the right shoe for every type of run!

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