Mount to coast R1

Mount to Coast R1 Review

In the bustling year of 2024, a fresh face emerges from the vibrant streets of Hong Kong, ready to shake up the world of ultramarathons. Meet Mount To Coast (MTC), a brand for serious runners who love long-distance running. They make shoes that help runners go even farther than a regular marathon distance of 26.2 miles. Their debut in April introduces not one, but two exciting shoes: the Mount to Coast R1 and the Mount to Coast S1. While similar in essence, each boasts its own distinct features.

In this review, we dive into the Mount to Coast R1, a shoe that broke all the previous records of MTC JOGLE. Justin Montague covered 854 miles in just 146 Hr and 44 mins using one pair of Mount to coast R1. This footwear marvel has undergone rigorous development, with a keen focus on weight, foam composition, lace structure, and midsole materials. It’s the culmination of 18 months of research and testing, including real-world trials with ultrarunners tackling grueling stage races spanning over 450 miles. Notably, a prototype of this very shoe clinched the prestigious 2023 ISPO award, signaling the innovation and performance packed into every step.

Mount to coast R1

Key specifications

Brand: Mount to Coast
Model: R1
Weight: 8.57 oz (243 grams)
Heel: 35mm
Toe: 27 mm
Heel drop: 8 mm
Carbon plate: No plate

Cushioning & Ride

Amount of cushioning: Highly cushioned
Stability: Very stable
Usage: Long distance with uptempo mix

Release date & price of MTC R1:

Release Date: April 25th, 2024
Price: $160 USD

Mount to coast R1 review

Technology used

GoFLOW, a unique midsole design that evens out the pressure on your feet, guiding you to a proper gait line.

ZeroSag: MTC’s exclusive midsole insert co-developed with BASF, inspired by the shock absorber of a race car. ZeroSag offers up to 10 times the anti-degradation capacity compared to conventional EVA midsoles.

LightCELL: PEBA hybrid compound foamed in an industry-leading nitrogen supercritical foaming process.


The Mount to Coast R1’s upper is designed for both comfort and performance. It features a unique lacing system with toggled laces at the front for a snug fit around the toe box, while traditional laces secure the midfoot to the top. Made from a lightweight and breathable jacquard engineered mesh, it feels soft and flexible. The use of 40% recycled polyester and 60% polyester highlights its eco-friendly construction. Plus, the well-padded heel collar, tongue, and gusseted tongue keep your foot secure, promising long-distance comfort.

Mount to coast R1


Alright, so here’s the scoop on the midsole of the Mount to Coast R1: It’s packed with LightCell, which is basically a special mix of materials pumped up with nitrogen to make it super bouncy. This stuff is all about giving you that extra oomph with every step. Plus, there’s this cool thing called Zerosag, cooked up by the folks at BASF. It’s like a secret weapon hidden in the sole, shaped like an S to help your feet move naturally and stop them from overpronating. So, basically, it’s like your own personal foot support crew, keeping you going strong without any extra fuss.

Overall, the midsole of the Mount to Coast R1 promises a supportive, cushioned ride with just the right amount of bounce.

Mount to coast R1 review


The outsole of the Mount to Coast R1 is designed like your typical road running shoe. It’s got a tough rubber that lasts long and comes in different densities. Instead of being super flexible, it’s built to last through those long-distance runs. There’s this cool part called “GOFLOW” rubber that adds to how supportive and smooth the shoe feels when you’re pounding the pavement. I’ve noticed it grips pretty well, even on slightly wet roads, which is great for keeping you steady during your run.

Mount to coast R1 review

Our verdict

If you’re a serious runner looking for a reliable companion for those epic distances, the Mount to Coast R1 might just be your match made in running heaven. With its advanced midsole tech and sturdy outsole, it promises top-notch performance that’ll keep you going mile after mile. Plus, its quality construction ensures it can handle whatever the road throws at it. Whether you’re tackling ultramarathons or just love pounding the pavement, this shoe delivers both comfort and stability, making it a solid choice for your next long-distance adventure.