Tips To Remove The Smell From Your Running Shoes

10 Tips to remove the smell from your Running Shoes

Running shoes gets smelly because of sweaty feet. The longer your shoes stay sweaty, the smell becomes worse, because the bacteria keeps growing. Every one of us face this problem. Here are some tips to prevent your running shoes from getting stinky.

  1. Do not wear cotton socks while running. Cotton socks stay wet for a longer period of time as
    they absorb the moisture making your shoes smelly. On the contrary, if your wear non
    cotton, elastic socks your shoes will stay dry and odourless for a longer period as they wick
    away the moisture.
  2. Try to remove your running shoes as soon as possible after your runs, and put them in the
    air to dry. If you continue to walk around in them (with your smelly socks) the odour gets
    more pungent.
  3. Store your shoes in a cool dry place to prevent the bacteria from growing. During a run in
    the rainy season, if your shoes get wet, take them off and fill them with crumpled balls of
    newspaper. This help the shoes keep their shape, and the paper will absorb the moisture
    from the shoes and keep them dry.
  4. Always use two pairs of running shoes. This way you can let one pair of shoe to dry out when
    you are using the other plus it helps the shoes to last longer.
  5. Wash your feet regularly after each run. If possible make half a bucket of lukewarm water,
    pour some Dettol or Savlon and put your feet inside the bucket. This will go a long way in
    preventing your feet from getting smelly, and also reduce the risk of infections such as
    Athlete’s foot.
  6. Sprinkle some baking soda (half teaspoon in each shoe) and sit them overnight. The baking
    soda will help prevent the odour and absorb the remaining moisture.
  7. Use deodorant sprays on your shoes after your runs. Its inexpensive and works really well.
  8. You can also use sneaker deodorant balls, an air freshener in the shape of a ball that fit
    inside your sneaker.
  9. If the smell is still strong and difficult to remove, replace your running shoe’s insoles. If there
    is still not much improvement, its time to replace your running shoes with a new one.
  10. You can also get cleaning alcohol and soak your shoes into it. This will not only disinfect your
    shoes, The smell will be gone after your shoes gets dry.

Not only shoe odour is embarrassing and unsanitary, it can make for an uncomfortable situation in
front of your running buddies or at home. Try to tackle this problem with these useful tips. It will
work for sure. All the Best !