6 Places You Should Never Carry a Phone When Running

6 Places You Should Never Carry a Phone When Running

In today’s world, we can’t spend a single minute without our smartphone. We feel lost and restless if we have to spend a day without our phone. Such is our attachment to our phone, we carry it even when we are going out for a run. We should be very careful while taking our phone as we may get distracted while running resulting in the damage of our phone. Let’s check out the places where you should never put your phone while running.

1. In your Hand

Keeping your phone in your hand during a run is a distraction. You may stop for a selfie while running and this will break your momentum. If you stumble or fall you may even damage your phone. Carrying a phone in your hand while running a few miles may also lead to severe cramps in your hand.

2. in your pocket

Running shorts or track pants pockets are not designed to hold your phones. They are small and your phone will not fit perfectly inside them. As soon as you start running, your phone may fall resulting in damage. Also it begins to flop against your body which will make you very uncomfortable during your run.

3. In your sports Bra

Keeping your phone inside your bra may prevent it from falling into the ground and getting damaged but it’s not the right place to keep your phone tucked inside. Breasts get sweaty pretty fast and it will make your phone wet resulting in damage.

4. In your waistband lining

Your phone wont stay long if you tuck it in the waistband of your old running shorts. Your phone will eventually slip into your underwear or fall into the ground.

5. On your Arm

Armbands are not the right option as your phone gets older for various reasons. Armbands bounce and require constant adjustment. Many runners are switching to other alternatives because of poor design and fit. Every time you change your phone, you need to get a new holder and may not even find one that fits the latest model.

6. In your shoe or socks

You may put your phone inside your socks or shoe, but it will cause more problems while you run, there is a risk that your phone may fly out and smash into the pavement and break every time you take a step.
There are right or wrong ways to carry your phone while you run. You must have considered a number of options, we just thought of giving you a few heads up for your benefit.