Athlete Loses Race in Colombia After His Penis Came Out in The Middle of The Run

Embarrassing Scenes After Italian Runner’s P*nis Comes Out in Middle of a Race

An athlete lost a 400-meter race at the 2022 World Athletics U20 Championships due to a wardrobe malfunction. 18-year old Alberto Nonino, who hails from Italy, was competing in the 400-meter of decathlon in Cali, Colombia when the incident took place.

Alberto Nonino started off extremely well by gaining pace against his competitors, leaving the bystanders under the impression that he might win the race with quite ease. However, after Nonino passed the middle lane, he looked uncomfortable and kept reaching down to hold his crotch a couple of times. At the time, viewers did not know what went wrong, but Nonino’s pace decreased a tad bit, allowing his competitors to overtake him. The athlete, unfortunately, finished last with a time record of 51.57 seconds.

After completing the race, Nonino went to social media to explain that he wasn’t in the laughing mood after the race.

Nonino said on Instagram. “I’m conscious it was obviously an accident and I’d like to tell you I’m aware of the reaction and you don’t need to send me the links to the blogs out there. I’m trying to laugh about it now but immediately afterwards I felt terrible and I’m thankful to my friends and family for helping me get over what happened a few hours later.