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Get Inspired by transformation journey of Sonia tuteja taneja

We’ve all seen body transformation stories and amazing ‘before’ and ‘after’ pics on Instagram – when someone you follow is proudly sharing a stunning achievement. But, often, behind the wide smile, there’s an inspiring story still to be told about how they embarked on their journey to a healthier self.

Meet Sonia Tuteja Taneja, 35 year old teacher, cyclist and runner. Let’s find out more in detail about her significant journey.

1. When did your weight become an issue?
Before getting marriage I was 82 kg and somehow I got married. Then after the first delivery, my weight was like 102 kg and planning for second baby, it was like if I conceived my weight would be 120kg (OMG neend aane band ho gye thi). It was danger zone for me then I decided to do something for myself and I totally changed my lifestyle by starting gyming, running and balanced diet. With strong will power and self motivation, i reduced 22 kg in 5 months and conceived. Again after delivery I was 102 kg but now it was not that much challenging for me because this time I followed the same routine and reduced again 15 to 17 kg with in 5 months.

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2. What were your previous diet attempts?

Morning – Milk, Pluses & apple

Before lunch – Salad or fruits (alternate)

Lunch – Proper Indian food (2 roti + vegetables + lassi)

Dinner – one roti with daal

3. What makes this time different?
This time, i was relaxed and had enough time for workout and running too. Even had more time for rest and sleep and no junk from outside.

fitness motivation transformation

4. What was your light bulb moment that pushed you to lose weight?
At the time of planning for second baby, I was already 102 kg and imagining myself in 120 kg. It was dangerous for me. I used to visit hospital because of hyper acidity. At that moment, I realized that now I need to do something for my health.

5. How much did you lose so far? How long did it take?
In the first year, i lost 20 kg. From Second to fourth year, i worked on increasing the stamina and during this lockdown I reduced 10 kgs in total. So in 5 years, I lost 31 kg

Earlier my weight was 102 kg
Now its 71 kg

6. How much do you have to lose now?
To get normal weight I need to reduce 5 to 7 kg more.

fitness motivation transformation

7. What kept you motivated when you were down?
My self motivation and negative motivation from my close ones was like a great push to me. Also, positive motivation from the unknowns (via social media followers) who always appreciate me and my workout. This actually played great role to motivate me.

8. What is the biggest struggle: food, exercise, temptation?
I am hardworking. Never felt like I was struggling. This is now passion for me so it’s easy for me to control diet & do exercise now. Although, sometime I eat whatever I want without any regrets.

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9 . How has your weight loss effected your relationships?
As I mentioned earlier I was facing problem before marriage because of my weight. I was fat and my husband used to say like –

“I am slim and you are fat, Merko tumse acche ladki mil sakte the Mere saath accha ni hua”

Now he feels like I am the best and feel proud too. Without him I am nothing, he is the biggest support to me.
Whatever am I doing today it’s all because of my husband, he is just like my backbone