New Balance Rebel V4 review

New Balance Rebel v4 Review

Ever feel like running shoes are getting a bit too complicated and pricey? Well, fear not because New Balance has heard our pleas and delivered the perfect solution: the New Balance Rebel v4!

This latest addition to the running scene keeps it simple with its design and won’t break the bank. But don’t let its modest appearance fool you – it packs a punch when it comes to performance. Whether you’re hitting the pavement for a quick jog or gearing up for a longer training session, the Rebel v4 has got you covered. So, if you’re in the market for a reliable daily running shoe, look no further. Let’s dive into the features of the Rebel v4 in this New Balance Rebel v4 review!


Brand: New Balance
Model: Rebel v4
Type: Road Running shoe
Weight: 7.1 oz or 201 gm (for US men’s 9)
Heel: 30 mm
Toe: 24 mm
Heel drop: 6 mm
Sizing: True to size

New Balance Rebel V4 performance review

Cushioning & Ride

Amount of cushioning: High cushioning
Stability: Neutral
Usage: Daily Trainer and tempo miles

Price & Availability

Price: $140
Release date: March 1st, 2024

What’s new in New Balance Rebel V4?

The latest iteration of the New Balance Rebel, the V4, brings some exciting updates for runners seeking peak performance and comfort. New Balance has revamped the Rebel’s midsole, blending PEBA and FuelCell foam to create a higher stack (from 27.5 mm to 30 mm) and broader platform, enhancing protection and stability for longer runs without compromising its signature bounce. This means more speed and responsiveness for those intense workouts. The redesigned upper, featuring Fantom Fit engineering, maintains a lightweight yet secure feel, while the updated forefoot design offers ample space for toe splay, accommodating even wider foot shapes comfortably. With its sleek, futuristic appearance exuding speed and agility, the Rebel V4 is sure to win over runners looking for both style and substance.

New Balance Rebel V4 review

Design and Fit

The New Balance Rebel v4 maintains its signature lightweight feel and low stack height, with a slight increase in height this time around. Featuring an updated version of New Balance’s FuelCell foam in the midsole, this blend of EVA foam and Peba-based material offers a softer, more responsive ride compared to previous models. Despite the increased stack height, the shoe remains light, with a wider design that enhances stability while maintaining a consistent 6mm drop. The wider fit around the midfoot ensures comfort, while the minimal padding on the tongue and collar, combined with the lightweight mesh upper, provides a snug yet breathable feel. While the lack of padding may give a looser hold around the back of the shoe, I didn’t experience any discomfort or irritation, even around the Achilles tendon, which can be an issue with heavily padded shoes.

Running Performance

The New Balance Rebel v4 offers a distinct sensation with every step, yet it maintains the stellar performance of its predecessor, the Rebel v3, particularly for shorter runs. Notably, it brings added comfort and stability to longer distances. While some may desire more cushioning for extended runs, I found the Rebel v4 to be reassuringly comfortable. While other trainers may provide more propulsion with features like plates or higher midsole stacks, the simplicity and shorter stack of the Rebel v4 appealed to me. Although I’ve trained extensively in plated shoes, many runners now prefer to reserve them for race days and intense speed sessions, opting instead for the Rebel v4’s more natural feel.

PROs & Cons

The New Balance Rebel v4 is a versatile shoe that excels in providing pace variability, adapting effortlessly to the energy you exert. Whether you’re pushing the tempo or tackling longer, progressive-paced runs, this shoe responds eagerly, helping you pick up speed even in the final miles. It’s particularly impressive for tempo runs, offering a level of responsiveness that keeps you motivated throughout your workout. Even at slower paces, it maintains a satisfactory performance, although it lacks the plushness of a maximally cushioned trainer.

Despite its impressive performance, the New Balance Rebel v4 may not be suitable for everyone due to its roomy interior volume. For runners with narrow feet like mine, the spaciousness can be a bit too much, almost feeling like it’s designed for wider feet. Even with the standard/regular width option, I found the shoe to be excessively roomy, necessitating extra effort to cinch down the laces for a snug fit. This excess roominess might pose discomfort or stability issues for some runners, especially those who prefer a more secure feel during their runs.

Our Verdict

The New Balance Rebel v4 is a top-notch shoe, hands down. It outshines even the Asics Superblast, which, while fantastic in its own right, can’t quite match the Rebel’s agility and value. If you’re after a speedy companion for training or race day and don’t need a carbon plate weighing you down, the Rebel v4 is the clear champion.