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Running With a Mask Is Hard, But Can It Improve My Performance?

Wearing a training mask to improve lung capacity has been a practice followed by elite runners, but is it fine for a recreational or an amateur runners to train with masks on?

Earlier this month, the story of a jogger ending with burst lungs after running a couple of miles with a mask on was definitely raising a doubt for those who are planning to go for a run after covering their faces, even though there is no evidence that the main cause of these deaths was the mask as no autopsies were conducted.

Jogger’s Lung Collapses After Running With Face Mask
Images adapted from: Radiopaedia and MarketWatch

Wearing a face mask has become commonplace for people going outside during the pandemic, even if it causes discomfort and makes breathing difficult.

With the mask on, the flow of air through the nose is restricted and even breathing from the mouth is difficult due to the barrier and this could lead to trouble for some. So the obvious question to ask is whether it is really advisable to run with a mask on? Most experts believe that it is better not to. But if in the current scenario using masks when outdoor becomes a norm, then it is better to take some initial precautions.

When you start training for the first time with even a basic mask, the lung muscles feel additional pressure and that can tire you out very fast. So it is important to start slow.

It’s important to get fresh air, do exercise and stay safe during the pandemic, but how to do so varies between people. Even if you seem to be fit and healthy, you should make sure to avoid activities that could mess-up things. If protecting yourself ends up causing more harm than good, then it’s time to skip the leg day outside in favor of exercising indoors.